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Volume 4: The rainbow fairy

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The Wishing Fairy by Lisa Gordon

The fairy village series:

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Saving Christmas:

Have you ever asked why…?

Did you know that there was not always an Architect Division inside of Fairy Village? It's true, many years ago the Tooth Fairies had to get in and out of homes, the old fashioned way, and believe me, it wasn't easy. Yes, every day ran the same way until one young fairy dared to ask, why.

Follow Emma as she decides to follow her heart and her passions. By marching to the beat of her own drummer and with a little help from some special assistants, Emma created one of the most important divisions in all of Fairy Village; The Architect Division. 

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Volume 1: The tooth fairy story

Volume 2: The wishing fairy

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Have you ever noticed a rainbow? Have you ever felt that joy that fills your heart when those colors burst through the clouds? Have you ever wondered who was making those rainbows…?

When a beloved pet’s time in the Human World comes to a close it is time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Meet Ailani, a Rainbow Fairy whose job is to help these beloved animals learn to stay connected with their families in a very unique and beautiful way. This is a special story for anyone who has ever dealt with a loss or who simply has pondered the wonderful mystery of rainbows. 

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Have you ever closed your eyes tight and dreamed as you blew out the candles on your birthday cake? Have you ever wondered who was listening to those wishes…?

Meet Hope, the Wishing Fairy who has a big problem when the little girl she is watching over wishes for something very big that may not be the best thing for her.

Peek into the Wish Division inside of Fairy Village and follow Hope as she struggles between whether to giver Alyssa what she wants or what she needs. 

Volume 3: The architect fairy

The Architect Fairy by Lisa Gordon

Who is the Tooth Fairy? Where does she live? What does she do with the teeth? And why do all kids seem to get different gifts?

Learn these answers and more. Peek inside Fairy Village for the first time and learn the secrets that have never been known by humans until now. Meet Annabelle, a very special Tooth Fairy during her first night on the job. And follow her as she learns that she is capable of anything as long as she believes in herself.

This award winning children’s book by Lisa Gordon has been hailed as an instant classic. 

The Tooth Fairy Story by Lisa Gordon

Coming to bookshelves in 2018.

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